Gift Certificates

Gifting Wellness

Gifting wellness provides the opportunity to give and receive at the same time!

It is my honor to be a part of your wellness journey and share that with those you love.

To purchase an e-gift certificate click here: Purchase E-Gift Certificate

Sometimes a special certificate is worth the wait. You can text 970-409-9945 or contact me to receive “the fancy one.” 

The process is easy!

1. Let Ro know what value you’d like to select for the gift certificate.

2. Ro will leave one taped to her community board for pickup.

3. Ro will send secure invoice via email for payment.

May you be filled with the joy of your gift three times more than its value.


Mayberry Wellness is goal focused care in Breckenridge, CO. Specializing in chronic pain management, injury recovery, and injury prevention, I utilize a variety of approaches including Myofascial release, Lymphatic Drainage, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Active release, and many other sports massage and relaxation therapy techniques.

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101 N Main Street (Upstairs)
Breckenridge, CO 80424